Physician burnout is closely linked with stress, depression, and fear.  Many physicians are hesitant to get help as licenses can be denied due to substance abuse or depression.  There is a culture within the medical profession of pushing yourself to achieve constantly.  For many, the constant pressures of medical school leads to depression early on in a physician’s career.

Physicians also face a lack of control over schedules and time which can lead to higher levels of stress.  Being on call at all hours of the night can lead to sleepless nights which further aggravates depression symptoms.  

Dr. Elaine Cox explains a few great starting points for the medical profession.  “Recognizing the need for physicians to lead a healthy overall lifestyle in every way, including emotionally, is the first step in the evolution of the profession. Helping to identify a more realistic definition of professional commitment, guiding doctors through exercises on limit-setting and conflict-resolution, and instituting reasonable work hours are good places to start.”

You can read her entire article on the subject of Doctor Burnout here.

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