“The sound of medicine is not the click of a mouse. It is the human voice. Let’s bring it back.”

Phrased so eloquently by Doctors John Levinson, Bruce H. Price and Vikas Saini in their article on the cumbersome aspects of technology in Healthcare.  Doctors, PAs, and nurses are spending an increasing amount of time in front of their computer screens.  While technology has been streamlining business processes, healthcare has been heavily burdened.  Technology is steadily slowing and complicating processes.  Simple tasks such as writing a prescription or ordering a laboratory test have become cumbersome.  This is additionally compounded by the fact that different EMRs at different locations do not communicate well with each other.

You can read the entire article here.  If you’re a Physician trying to escape mouse clicking in an EMR, learn more about iScribes.


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