Surgeon keyboardA study was conducted by RAND and the AMA in 2013.  It showed physicians were frustrated by electronic health records.  The big problem?  Not much has changed since 2013.  Four years later, physicians are still facing the same issues.  How do you deliver high quality care to a high volume of patients while entering data into the EMR throughout the day?

RAND found, “aspects of current EHRs that were particularly common sources of dissatisfaction included poor usability, time-consuming data entry, interference with face-to-face patient care, inefficient and less fulfilling work content, inability to exchange health information, and degradation of clinical documentation.”

The study offered the following recommendation: “Better EHR usability should be an industry wide priority and a precondition for EHR certification.”

You can read the entire study conducted by the RAND Corporation and the AMA here.  If you’re a physician and you’re tired of entering all your patient’s chart information into the EMR, check out our service.

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