Typing patient charts

Something to think about.  How many mouse clicks per day would it take an average surgeon to complete his patient’s charts?  I decided to get a rough estimate of this by counting the clicks I require to paste a chart into the EMR of one of our biggest clients.  

It took me 6 clicks just to log in.  I have the login page set as my browser’s home page.  Each time your session times out for privacy or your session freezes, we have 6 clicks.  Between each click are delays waiting for the system to load or respond.

To paste a patient’s chart, I needed 6 clicks, each with delays in between for the EMR to respond.  So we are at 12 clicks for one patient.  Let’s estimate my surgeon has 30 patients for the day.  If the surgeon has a delay between each patient he or she could have 360 mouse clicks in one day, each with substantial lag time in between.  This surgeon is suppose to see patients.  If the surgeon sees 90 patients a week that’s 1,808 clicks of the mouse.

This doesn’t include looking at radiograph results or other lab findings that also may require additional mouse clicks.

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