Medical Documentation Scribes

Below are 5 things our human scribes do everyday:

Our scribes can decipher audio between two different people with two different speaking styles and/or accents.

Our scribes can decipher physician’s patient encounters that have multiple people in a room.  For example, a patient has to bring her boisterous singing toddler and crying 6 month old to her follow up appointment.  We can hear through the crying and the singing and complete your chart.

Humans can adjust on the fly and customize.  If a physician wakes up and decides he or she wants a change in the format or wording of their exams, they can mention that in their first patient’s encounter and see the change in the rest of their charts that day.

Humans can decipher unclear audio.  This includes accents, mumbling, interruptions, copy machines, and confusion in general.  When a physician loses their train of thought or is interrupted we understand because we are human, too.

Humans care.  Our scribes take great pride in their work and feel a sense of ownership over their physician’s notes.

If you would like to learn more about iScribes and our human touch, click here.

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