Surgeon with suspendersWhen people think of physicians, they often jump to the prestige of the position and fail to consider the many stressful aspects of being a physician.  These are the top 5 stresses physicians handle on a daily basis, according to Castle Connolly Medical Ltd:

  1. Pressure from families of patients and loved ones.  This can be children of ailing, elderly parents or spouses of patients.
  2. Long hours – usually 12 hours a day on your feet.  Time is spent seeing patients, handling EHRs, lab results, prescriptions, and more.
  3. Difficult patients.
  4. Decision making – sometimes life changing decisions for patients or making decisions after receiving an overload of information regarding a patient’s background and history.
  5. Negative Environments – physicians are encouraged to stay positive and calm in all situations with patients.  This is not always easy when a patient is ill, upset, or angry.

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