A study conducted by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock health system, the American Medical Association (AMA), Sharp End Advisory, and the Australian Institute of Health Innovation observed 57 U.S. providers who practiced cardiology, family medicine, orthopedics, or internal medicine in four states.

This study found that the physician’s spent 49% of their time with EHR and desk work.  27% of their clinic day was spent with patients.

The researchers found that “physicians spent up to two hours of their personal time every night catching up on additional clerical work.”  They determined “physicians who used documentation support engaged in more direct face time with patients than those who did not use documentation support. Based on these findings, the researchers said that increasing physician documentation support, such as through a medical scribe or dictation assistance, could increase time spent on patient care and reduce burdens on providers.”

This is definitely why iScribes is here to help.  

Source: https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2016/09/08/documentation-time

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