Orthopaedic Surgeon

It’s easy to find information about how patients should prep for surgery.  Did you ever wonder how the top surgeons prep for surgery?  It really varies from surgeon to surgeon.  Here are a few popular preps:

  • Sleep: This is the most obvious but has become increasingly difficult with technology.  Now with cell phones, tablets, and laptops, it is increasingly difficult to completely unplug.  A few minutes checking emails turns into a half hour to 45 minutes of lost sleep.  It is best to set a timer when surfing the web or checking emails at night to ensure you aren’t cutting into precious sleep.


  • Rest: Peter Kwan, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Burn Surgeonmentions “avoiding playing sports or weightlifting the day before surgery, to avoid having a tremor.  I don’t drink coffee, but my colleagues who do will often avoid it if they have to do microsurgery.”


  • Visualization: Some surgeons like to visualize and mentally or even physically practice the procedure about to be performed.  Others like to do some type of relaxation such as meditation or something distracting like puzzles or games.


  • Review Details: Robert Gluck, Hand Surgeon of The Healthy Hands Center — Long Island, NY likes to review details such as “x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and angiograms. If appropriate, pull out an anatomical atlas and review appropriate anatomy, landmarks and pitfalls.”


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Source: How Do Surgeons Prep For Surgery

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