3 concrete steps surgeons and any busy working professional can use to improve work-life balance.

Being an orthopaedic surgeon is a very demanding profession.  You have a slew of patients on clinic days for assessments and follow ups combined with surgery days, paperwork, and family obligations.

Dike Drummond, MD explains that a career in any medical field can and will take up all your time if you allow it to do so.  Here are steps to take to improve your quality of life:

Use the technique of a positive “No.”

Step 1 – Put Yourself first.  This MD explains that as a physician you have to put yourself first, not your patients, to avoid burnout.  He advises physicians to make a list of important non work related people and activities such as dinner with your children, a date with your spouse, exercise, a vacation destination, etc. and to write them out on a piece of paper.

Step 2 – Add your list to your calendar…NOW.  He advocates scheduling your non work activities in advance on your calendar so you can then schedule work around your non work priorities.  

Step 3 – Say No when things/people try to interfere with your calendar.  He uses this line, “I’m so sorry…I have another very important activity already scheduled at that exact time.”

His full article can be found here.

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