EHRs are causing physicians an extreme level of frustration.  Becker’s Hospital Review gathered 25 quotes from physician’s regarding EHRs and their emotions towards them.  These were some of the top complaints –

  1. A drop in productivity
  2. Trouble finding important information because it is buried in a volume of useless information
  3. Less communication or more difficult communication because different locations are running on different EHRs
  4. More stress
  5. Less time for patient care and patient interaction
  6. Less time with family nights and weekends

This quote in particular caught my attention because the physician touches on the fact that he cannot keep up with his workload long term.  Albert Johary, MD. Emory Healthcare (Atlanta) states “patients definitely sense that we’re a lot more stressed now. We’re spending three hours more per day — and that’s no exaggeration — just trying to get caught up. I do mine real-time, I do my charting when I’m in the room with the patient, but still that leaves no time to answer the phone calls, to answer the people that have called in, or sign off on the labs, etc. So I’m leaving at 7:30, 8 o’clock every single day. That’s not sustainable.”

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